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Used BARI Hybrid 8 Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone .080”

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Product ID: BARIHybrid8AltSR


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BARI Hybrid for Alto Sax
This is a used BARI Woodwinds Hybrid 8 for alto saxophone. The piece is in good shape from top to bottom showing some history of use. Its facing profile is in good shape. There is one very small and hard to see wear spot above the tip rail on one side. 
The Hybrid is a very interesting piece regarding its construction. It is named “Hybrid” because the design features a metal shank ring which leads all the way up into the body until the throat meats the chamber. From the center of the chamber to the tip the piece is all hard rubber. This piece is ideal for players who really like to push a ton of air when they play. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .080”.