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Used AMAZING CONDITION Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer - #658955

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Product ID: 658955SelmRef54AltGL

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Professional Players Horn!
Pictured above is a Selmer Paris Reference 54 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number #658955. The Reference series includes two models, 36 and a 54, each designed to be a modern horn inspired by either the Balanced Action, or the Mark VI. The tone of the 54 is smooth, warm and slightly more spread than a series II or Series III. The key work on this horn has all the modern day features you're used to from Selmer, full chromatic fingerings from low Bb to palm F# with a front F rocker. The key touches are real mother-of-pearl providing extra grip
Sonically, the low end is effortless, and the tone remains homogenous up to the extended range, filling the room with a full, lovely warm tone. Projection isn't difficult on this horn, even with the Selmer brown plastic resonators it came with.
Physically, this horn is in amazing condition, with very little lacquer wear showing on the keys or the body, and no body damage to speak of. This horn was well-kept and cared for and is playing fantastically.
Players looking for a very solid professional line horn would get a ton of use and enjoyment out of the Reference 54, specifically players who enjoy jazz and perform in a myriad of styles. This horn can handle it all as it's not too bright and not too dark but rich with sound and maintains a strong relationship with INTONATION. 
We have this horn in line to recieve a setup before we send it out, we will dissassemble, clean, check for leaks, and replace any materials that are getting to the end of their use. This Reference 54 ships with a contoured fiberglass Selmer Paris case with a foam interior and its original neck.