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Unique Runyon Convertible 7 Alto Sax Mouthpiece .077"/1.96mm

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Product ID: RunyonConv7AltoSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

It's Morphin' Time!
Well, folks, we've never seen one of these before. This is a Runyon Convertible alto sax mouthpiece. It's made of black plastic, features a white bite plate, a detent for the included Runyon Ring Ligature, and has a removable spoiler. It is stamped as a 7 and measures .077"/1.96mm which is more like a Runyon 6.
The body is in good shape with minor scuffing. Table, tip, and rails are all mechanically perfect, but there is some minor discoloration on the right rail. Without the spoiler, there's almost no baffle, and the mouthpiece has a medium square chamber. This makes for a slightly dark, warm sound that fits well with concert bands and classical playing. Insert the spoiler, and the mouthpiece wakes up with some higher harmonics and slightly faster response. This truly is a do-all mouthpiece for the student who wants to use just one mouthpiece for both concert band and jazz band.
The Runyon Ring Ligature, matching mouthpiece cap, and removable spoiler are included.