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Unique King Zephyr Alto Sax in Original Silver Body/Gold Key Finish - Serial # 202384

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Very unique first series King Zephyr alto sax, serial number 202384. This sax features an original silver plated body, with gold plated keys, and gold inlay in the engraving. When this sax was produced by King in 1937, it was King's top tier pro model (the Super 20 wouldn't come around until the mid-1940s). As you can see in the photos, this early Zephyr is a sight to see!


The original finish is in outstanding shape, easily 97%+ intact. No major finish wear of note. The sax has had a couple prior dent repairs: one removed from the top part of the bottom bow, another near the neckstrap ring, and a third from under the right hand thumbrest, which was previously pushed into the body. No resolders that I can spot. The neck has never been pulled down, and shows the matching serial number. It is a double socket neck like the later Super 20 horns.


Pads are starting to get up there in years, but they aren't done yet, and the sax is playing well on existing pads. We are selling the sax as-is on its existing setup. While it could use some adjustment, everything is currently sealing.


Because King made the Zephyr for so long, it gets a bad wrap based on the “student quality” Zephyrs that came in 70s. But this pro model version will hold its own with anything. Very full sounding alto, with a tremendous feel and response. It is a power hungry horn and likes to be played loud! Ships in its original King case.