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Un-lacquered TM Custom Tenor Saxophone, Serial #00607 – Awesome Free Blowing Player

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Product ID: 00607TMCustULTen


HELP, I Want One!

Includes Saxquest Professional Set-up

This is a used Tenor Madness TM Custom tenor saxophone in raw brass/un-lacquered finish, serial number 00607. The 500 SL TM Custom tenor is one of the finest modern tenor saxophone on the market today. This one is an un-lacquered model with rolled tone hole construction and no high F# key. The previous owner of this saxophone put a decent amount of play time on it while taking very good care of it. It shows some typical cosmetic character but is physically in pristine condition. This saxophone comes with an after market Tino Schucht neck. The copper neck is in excellent condition. The previous owner of the sax also changed out the thumb rest for a larger TK thumb rest.

These horns are tremendous modern players and are very akin to the sonic character of the vintage American saxophones like the Conn 10M. If you love the vintage sound and want to get it on a more comfortable modern application the TM is a top shelf choice. This tenor in particular has a lush and open resonating response to air flow with no negative resistance. Ergonomically the TM is extremely efficient from top to bottom allowing for a positive feel and fluid movement across all of the keys. The full and colorful sound stays precise and consistent from low Bb all the way into the extreme upper register. Projection and intonation are also excellent on these saxophones.

This TM is currently awaiting a professional set-up in the Saxquest. The set-up will include a precise regulation of the key work and replacement of any needed materials with the preservation of the original TM Custom metal resonators. The tenor ships out in perfect playing condition with original TM tenor case.