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Ultra Rare! Buffet Super Dynaction Low A Baritone Saxophone, Serial Number 14857

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HELP, I Want One!

Buffet Super Dynaction – 1968
This is very cool and rare vintage Buffet Super Dynaction low A baritone saxophone, serial number 14857. It is only the second Super Dynaction to come through our shop since 2000. The Super Dynaction models are a nice way to go if you are looking for the dark and deep “French” core saxophone sound. This one takes the air in easy while featuring a clear and precise focused sound.  
This particular baritone was re-lacquered in the past. The current lacquer content is in good shape across the body, bell and neck showing some cosmetic play wear. Looking over the saxophone very carefully it does look like it has previously seen some past dent and solder repair, but because it has also been re-lacquerd it is difficult to tell what exactly has been done in the past. The sax is currently sitting in solid  condition from top to bottom. Its body tube, upper U tube, neck, bow and bell are all in great shape with the traces of faint dings repair from the past. A point to note is a previous owner did have an extension added to the low A key prior to the saxophone being refinished. This modification has made the key wider from end to end and allows for a positive feel when moving to the low A key with the left thumb.
This baritone came into our shop playing with some leaks on an older set-up from another shop. To keep the overall cost of the horn down we are not going to do our full set-up but will go through the horn and tweak the current pads so everything seals up nicely.
The Super Dynaction would be a great choice for a pro or serious student looking for a low A baritone under the 4,000 price mark. In addition to being a unique saxophone the Super Dynaction can also be had for a great price!