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Tremendous ORIGINAL SILVER Conn Bass Sax w/ Rolled Tone Holes - Serial # 123401

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Product ID: 123401ConnBass


HELP, I Want One!

Here's a very cool, 1923 vintage C.G. Conn “New Wonder” series bass saxophone in Bb, serial number 123401. This horn is in tremendous condition, better than any vintage Conn bass (or any bass for that matter) that I've seen in a long while. It has most likely spent most of its life in a case, but hopefully a new owner can take it out and give it some freedom.


As you can see in the photos, they don't come much nicer than this horn. The finish is all original, featuring a matte silver plated body with burnished (shiny) silver plated keywork and inlay engraving. The frosty silver body really pops, and makes you wonder why more manufacturers don't do that these days. While the finish is tarnishing, that is purely cosmetic, and the sax shows little finish wear to speak of. Amazingly, there's no dents or signs of past trauma anywhere in this horn. Usually bass saxes are beat up quite a bit, but this horn is straight from top to bottom. There are of course a few tiny pings here and there, but no serious dents or prior repairs. It's as clean as they get.


Obviously we don't see a lot of Conn bass saxes come through here, but when we do, they are often the earlier models, 5 digit serial numbers and whatnot. This being from the New Wonder era, it does feature rolled tone holes, which are all in great shape. Pads are starting to look a bit aged, but the horn is still playing well and the keywork “pops” under your fingers down to low Bb. Since it is playing decently, we are selling this horn as-is, without doing major (expensive) work in our repair shop.


This thing is a beast. It takes a lot of air to play, but that's to be expected with that huge bore, but if you can handle it, it gives you back a huge, meaty sound. It's a blast to play down in the bell! This bass ships complete with a serviceable case, and included is a Saxrax bass sax stand.