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TM Custom Un-Lacquered Tenor Sax – Straight Tone Holes - Saxquest Hand Select

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Hand Selected TM Custom
This is a new TM Custom in un-lacquered finish with straight tone holes and high F#. The tenor was recently hand selected at a recent demonstration and clinic featuring the TM instruments at our shop in Saint Louis. The sax ships out in perfect playing condition in contoured case. 
The TM Custom has an incredible vibrant character and rich sonic character. In comparison to the rolled tone hole model made by TM the straight tone hole offers a slightly brighter more direct sound. The consistency of response across the entire dynamic range of this tenor is exceptional. 
Every instrument is hand assembled and set up with the extreme attention to detail by Mr. Jones himself. No less than 24 hours of painstaking time and detail is put into the final set-up of each instrument to ensure perfection.
Years of product testing and research went into the TM Custom with the end result of a lush vintage sound. These horns play with a warm core and fast response to air flow. Whether you are looking to play with a more intense focus or a mellow sub-tone the TM Custom’s fast response allows for an unbelievable amount of flexibility. Intonation and the consistency of timbre across all registers is outstanding on these tenors, even up into the extreme upper register.
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