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TM Custom 500SL Congnac Lacquer Tenor Saxophone, Serial #L01177 - High F#

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Product ID: L01177TM500SlCLTen


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TM Custom 500SL - Rolled Tone Holes, High F#
This is a freshly set-up TM Custom 500SL tenor saxophone in cognac lacquer finish with high F#, serial #L01177. The saxophone was just selected and set-up to be sold on our sales floor by the team at Tenor Madness. This is an absolutely super pro instrument and we are thrilled to offer it in our shop! These horns demonstrate a warm core and fast response to air. Whether you are looking to play with a more intense focus or a mellow sub-tone the TM Custom’s fast response allows for an unbelievable amount of flexibility. Intonation and the consistency of timbre across all registers is outstanding on these tenors, even up into the extreme upper register.
The TM 500SL is a tremendous player and is going to be very ideal for the modern pro who is seeking the robust sound of an American vintage sax blended with the smooth response, intonation and ergonomics of a modern horn. The custom set-up process by Randy Jones and his staff is inspired by the Selmer Mark VI build process form Elkhart. This process includes 
  • Leveling of Tone Holes by Hand 
  • Precise Key Fitting
  • Soldering the bow 
  • Premium key materials 
  • Horn is play tested y TM staff and broken in for 2-3 days and is further tweaked to improve the set-up
This saxophone is now in perfect playing condition with a set of premium leather pads and seamless domed resonators. It ships out with a TM Custom contoured  gig case. 
If you have any questions about this particular tenor or any of the horns from the TM line please send us in a product question or an e-mail directly to zac@saxquest.com.