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Theo Wanne Ambika 2 #8 Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone - Lightly used

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Ambika Second Series for Tenor Sax
This is an Ambika 2 gold plated mouthpiece for tenor saxophone in an 8 facing by Theo Wanne. The mouthpiece is in pristine physical condition and has not seen very much play time in the past. There is a few hard to see blemishes on the table from past reed placement but nothing serious. The profile of the rails and tip is in excellent condition. 
The Amika is the darkest playing mouthpiece in the Wanne line. This particular piece produces a clear projecting sound with out ever losing its warm core. The inside of the piece showcases the “True Large Chamber” with a wide open throat and rounded inner side walls. These pieces are ideal for the player looking for a darker sound akin to the vintage New York Otto Link pieces. Ships with original box and zip case, this mouthpiece does not include the origianl ligature. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .110"