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Taipei System 54 Straight Soprano with Tipped Neck, Serial #549117 - Bargain Deal!

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Our Price: $ 1,395.00

Product ID: 5491137Tap54Soprano

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Lightly Played – Taipei System 54 Soprano – Lightly Played
This is a very lightly played Taipei System 54 soprano saxophone, serial number 549117. The System 54 showcases comfortable modern key work to high F# as well as a one piece body with a tipped neck. This particular horn came into our shop still playing very nicely on its factory set-up. Because it is already playing nicely and in order to keep the overall cost of the sax down we are selling this saxophone in as is condition. 
Physically the saxophone is in mint condition and loos like it has only been played a few hours in the past. The body is in perfect as is the neck area and bell flare. This saxophone came set up from the factory with leather pads and metal resonators. It ships out with the original padded case with pockets. 
This was the fist time Saxquest has come across one of these saxophones. It was honestly an absolute pleasure to play test. The response on this soprano is smooth and even from top to bottom. Its key work is very comfortable and allows for a smooth and easy playing experience.