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SWEET Vintage Martin Handcraft Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 50479

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Product ID: 50479MartinSop


HELP, I Want One!

This is a sweet old 1925 vintage Martin Handcraft soprano sax, serial number 50479. This soprano has newer pads but needs some final adjustment, and we are selling it a super-low price. If you've got a repair bench at home and want to finalize out this soprano, you'll be set up with a good old horn to bring years of enjoyment.


This horn is either a very old relacquer, or perhaps was originally a bare brass instrument which was later given a coat of lacquer. The current lacquer is decades old and has aged quite well, showing only minor wear here and there, with no dents or dings to the body or bell. The sax was also re-engraved in the original style, which looks stunning. The sax has been fairly recently repadded, but is still missing a fair number of key adjustment corks and felts, so the keywork is a bit “clicky” at the moment. It needs that minor work, as well as to have some pads refloated for proper seals. Our repair shop is backed up for months, so we've decided to let this horn go “as is” at a drastically reduced price. If you want a cool old soprano to tool around on, you can't go wrong with this beauty. Ships in a good hard case with the original Martin Handcraft mouthpiece.