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Sweet Vintage CG Conn 26M 'CONNQUEROR' Alto Sax - Serial # 289093 VIII

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Product ID: 289093Conn26M

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Here's a cool old 1940 vintage C.G. Conn 26M “Connqueror” alto sax, serial number 289093, and stamped with the more desirable VIII series. This alto has all the bells and whistles from a company at the height of its ingenuity. Rolled tone holes, trill G#, double socket neck with underslung octave key and microtuner, sterling silver key touches, etc. It is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh repad, and will come to you in perfect playing condition.


This 26M was relacquered long ago, and while the engraving is lighter, it is still clearly legible, showing the iconic “naked lady” engraved on the bell. The top palm key tone holes were filed on just a bit during the process, but still have the rolls, and all the rest of the tone holes look perfect. The Connqueror series features sterling silver touches on nearly all of the touch points, as well as tiny set screws in many posts. I see at least one missing set screw, but most are still with the horn. There's also no signs of serious past trauma or dent work, nothing outside of normal wear and tear. The factory “stopper” under the low Eb key has popped off and is missing, but that's the worst of it. The original VIII neck has never been pulled down and still sits tightly in the horn.


This alto is currently in our shop ready for a fresh repad. We'll clean the horn inside and out, and replace all pads and material, using firm leather pads with oversized slightly domed metal resonators, synthetic tech cork where appropriate, and optimize the key heights and spring tensions throughout. Once complete, this alto will be tearing it up with the best of them. It plays with a spread open sound and lightning quick response, without sacrificing any warmth or color. These horns are always a blast to play!