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Sweet Player! Vintage C.G. Conn Transitional Chu/10M Naked Lady Tenor Sax, Serial #258870

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Product ID: 258870ConnTransTen


HELP, I Want One!

C.G. Conn Transitional - Naked Lady - Includes Saxquest Overhaul
This is a fantastic playing C.G. Conn Transitional Naked Lady tenor sax, serial #258870. The tenor was manufactured in 1933 just before the 10M was released in 1934. It has the classic Conn elements like trill G# and rolled tone holes. It also features a finger nail file G# key and the classic M Series “Naked Lady” engraving. 
Physically this saxophone is in great condition for its vintage. At some point during its life it was re-lacquered. The job was done extremely well a long time ago with the proper dark air bake lacquer. Its current finish is in nice condition showing a rich dark honey tint and clear engraving around the bell area. The body tube, bow and bell are all in nice condition with just a little history of repair. The low C guard was replaced and there has been some minor dent work around the bow area but the bow cap is in excellent condition and was never seriously pushed in. The dent and solder work was done professionally in our shop and the horn is now back to its true state. The original neck is also with the saxophone in good condition. It is in very good condition showing history of some very minor past repair and very minor pull down. See picture.
This tenor is fresh off the bench of Saxquest tech Derick Trammel. The saxophone now has a brand new re-pad and professional set up. The work included a complete disassemble and cleaning followed by replacement of all the pads and materials. It now has a brand new set of premium Valentino leather pads, metal domed resonators, new corks and new felts. The tenor is now in perfect playing condition and is ready for a new home. 
The Conn tenor is an ultra responsive free blowing player. Its sound is warm and projection is fantastic. The core sound of the tenor is very flexible which makes it great for covering a wide range of musical styles. It should be noted this sax can be played with an unbelievable amount of volume and power. The key work feels nice and smooth under the fingers allowing for a fluid movement across the entire range of the saxophone. This is a very special player with a world class sound. If you are looking for a flexible horn with ample power you are going to quickly fall in love with this Transitional Conn.