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SWEET! Original Lacquer King Super 20 Cleveland Tenor Sax - Serial # 385141

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Product ID: 385141Super20Tenor

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Fantastic late Cleveland vintage King Super 20 tenor sax in original lacquer, serial number 385141. This horn looks incredible with outstanding original lacquer coverage on the “front” of the horn. There is some more wear on the back side, but all honest wear from regular use, and the sax is in great shape.


As you can see in the photos, the horn looks amazing. Very little lacquer wear on the front of the horn, just on a few of the touch points. There's more wear on the back of the body tube, but no signs of abuse. I see some remnants of past dent work in the bottom bow curve and on the original sterling silver neck, but all done professionally and it looks great. This tenor was repadded a couple years ago by another shop, with leather pads and brown plastic resos, and it is sealing up well, with a nice “pop” under your fingers.


Purists may snub they noses at a non-pearl side key Super 20, but this horn doesn't leave you wanting. It plays quick and lively with a fast response and offers you a ton of volume. It hits hard with outstanding projection and just the right amount of edge to cut. Great rock horn. Comes in its original case as photoed.