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Superb Seawind, Phil Dwyer Professional Model Alto Sax, Serial #0026

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Product ID: 0026SeawindAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Seawind Phil Dwyer Edition Alto Sax
This is a killer Seawind Phil Dwyer edition alto saxophone serial number 0026.
Saxquest has spent a lot of time playing the Seawind in our shop against all of the modern and vintage instruments. We have come away very impressed with the comfort, ease of play and great versatility the Seawind offers. This is all in addition to the killin' sound and a world class response to air flow. These saxophones were specifically designed to give the pro player the perfect platform to create music from. They feature a warm and ultra rich sonic character which is both flexible and very powerful. This particular Seawind has been played on the sales floor of our store and used at a few music exhibitions. It is still in pristine condition but we are now able to offer it at a super premium sales price. If you are on the hunt for an awesome pro saxophone under $3,000 you will not want to pass up on the Phil Dwyer Seawind Alto.
The Seawind is cosmetically a beautifully constructed instrument.  Its honey gold lacquer is exquisitely complemented by its aboriginal deco engraving by Artist Jermey Humperville.  Every Seawind saxophone is assembled and professionally set-up on Vancouver Island and play tested by Phil Dweyer. 
The construction of the Seawind shows off a highly sturdy body made from the finest Japanese brass with hand hammered bell and ribbed construction. It also has double braced arms on the bell keys, additional bell to body brace support arm and and an additional support arm over G#. The Seawind is padded with black leather Roo pads and stainless steel domed resonators. All of the pads are in great shape and have very little play on them. 
This saxophone ships in perfect playing condition with a contoured hard case.  If you have any questions about the Seawind saxophones please feel free to contact us directly at zac@saxquest.com