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Superb! Redwood Hand Hammered Copper Neck by KB Saxophone Shop, Serial #P 0186

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Product ID: KBRedWoodTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Amazing Hand Hammered Neck for Tenor Sax
This is a lightly used Redwood copper neck for tenor saxophone made by KB Saxophones in New York. The neck is in pristine physical condition and has no major wear of note. It looks like it was carefully used by the last owner. The neck was originally purchased to be used on a modern Selmer tenor. Its tenon measures 1.080”. For precise fit to your saxophone it might be necessary to take into your local shop to be fine fitted. 
It can be very difficult to review a neck, but in all honesty this is one of the finest after market necks we have had in the shop in quite sometime. The Redwood is beautifully crafted and put together. It has a great look across the main body of the neck as well as the octave key and support bracing. The response on the neck is very clear with exceptional sonic pronunciation which stays balanced across the entire range of the sax. 
This neck ships with the original box and everything shown in the picture.