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Superb Condition Yamaha YAS-23 Entry Level Alto Sax - Serial # 230133A

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Product ID: 230133AYamaha23Alto


HELP, I Want One!

Excellent condition beginner Yamaha YAS-23 alto saxophone, serial number 230133A (A meaning it was made for the American market). The 23 has long been considered one of the best student level instruments, and this one is in fine condition. It is also a good early one with the long wrap-around keyguard on the bottom bow/bell for increased protection.


The horn looks great. The original lacquer shows only minor cosmetic wear, light scratching and whatnot, but no major finish wear. There are just a couple places showing some minor past dent work, on the bell flare and under the octave key post on the neck. Both repair jobs were done well. There are no resolders on the horn anywhere, and the neck is otherwise in good shape (no previous pull downs).


Pads are all in excellent shape with brown plastic resonators. The horn is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh cleaning and adjustment, where we will clean and re-seat all pads and replace all material. We'll adjust it out so that it ships in perfect playing condition. If you are just starting on sax, or even if you are a seasoned player looking for a good backup for when your main sax is in the shop, this is a solid choice all around. Ships in its original case, which is also in great shape.