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Superb Condition Early Series Vintage Selmer Bundy Tenor Sax - Serial # 586433

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Product ID: 586433BundyTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Excellent Beginner Level Tenor Sax

If you've got a craving to start playing sax and looking for a solid entry level instrument, the Selmer Bundy has been the go-to for decades. This tenor, serial number 586433, is an excellent vintage first series Bundy and is still in superb condition. It needs some pad work as it sits currently, but it is playing through some leaks and is available for a super low price.


As you can see in the photos, the horn is clean. It shows no major past dent work or trauma, and has obviously never been abused. There is a smattering of tiny cosmetic dings in the bell, and a minor bend in the bell flare, but nothing serious, nothing that would affect play. There are no previous repairs and no resolders. The original neck has also never been pulled down or damaged. All in fantastic shape.


The sax is currently playing through some older pads, but there are some leaks, and some missing key corks and felts are making the keywork a bit “clicky” in spots. We are offering it “as is” if you want it for a rock bottom price, but also offering our full repad if you want it perfect. Our repad would include removing all the tiny dents and adjusting it for perfect response. Please allow 8 weeks if you select that option. Does ship in a hard case.