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Store Demo P Mauriat 66R Tenor Sax In DK Finish - BLOWOUT PRICE - Serial # PM1008519

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Product ID: PM1008519PM66RDKTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a like-new P Mauriat PMXT-66RDK tenor sax in the “antiqued” matte finish, serial number PM1008519. This tenor features a beautiful vintage-like finish which really pops. It is beautiful to see, and has the sound to back it up.


This particular 66R has been used as a store demo in our shop and for some demonstrations in store and online, but has never been sold or extensively played. It might have a stray scratch here or there from being put on a stand, but no serious lacquer wear. The neck is perfect, and pads are all clean and in like-new condition as well. The sax will get a fresh cleaning and pro set up from the Saxquest repair shop before we ship it out. Our techs will clean the pads, readjust key heights and spring tensions, and replace any material not up to our standards.


The 66R features rolled tone holes, which help give a bigger surface area for the pad to seal over, thus extending the life of your pads. The added weight also seems to add depth and warmth to its tone: this is definitely a warm, slightly darker player, but it doesn't lack anything in the power department either. It plays with a strong edge that cuts well. If you are looking for that warm jazz sound, you can't go wrong with this tenor.