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SML Gold Medal Mk. II Tenor Saxophone in Nickel Plate #22445

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Product ID: 22445SMLGoldMedalMkIITenNic

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Warm And Powerful!
Here we have an SML Gold Medal Mk. II tenor sax in nickel plate with a serial number #22445. SML Gold Medal horns have a massive bell and play with a very big and warm tone, these types of horns are enjoyed by jazz players wanting to dive into deeper and darker sounds.
Featuring key work from low Bb up to palm F this sax is equipped with all your standard features, some not so standard as well. A front F mechanism and a lovely table, still fully plated, that gives easy access to all bell keys, and even includes a lever to set your G# to be articulated with the bell keys if you so desire. The original springs are all coated in corrosion resistant nickel and only a few have been replaced over the years.
Physically, this sax is doing well, the body tube doesn't have any dings or dents. There are a few small indentations on the inside of the bell, and one indentation on the foot of the Eb key-guard. The nickel plating has been worn off most of the bell, areas around the upper and lower stacks as well.
Sonically the Gold Medal Mk. II produces a dark warm tone and projection seems enhanced on this horn from its nickel plating. Players and students looking to beef up their tone but don't want to drop a bag and a half on the classic brands would find an interest in this horn.
At an additional fee you can include a professional set up from Saxquest where we will clean the horn, swap out materials and pads where needed and get this horn into proper playing order.
This horn ships with its original hardwood case.