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Silver Plated CG Conn 'Chu Berry' Alto Saxophone - Serial # 164313

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Our Price: $ 395.00

Product ID: 164313ConnAlto

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LOW Price on a Great Vintage Conn Chu

This is a 1925 vintage C.G. Conn “Chu Berry” model alto sax, serial number 164313. This alto is in good original silver plate under a mountain of tarnish from having sat for decades, and is a prime candidate for the “at-home” repairman to restore to previous glory.


If you know what to look for, you'll see this horn is actually in excellent shape. The silver plating shows only minor wear, mostly on the back of the body tube around the left and right hand thrumb rests. There is just one dent in the bottom bow, and no other previous damages or repairs, including no resoldered joints that I can see. The rolled tones holes have never been filed on, and the original neck, with functioning microtuner mechanism, has never been pulled down. All of the keywork moves with nothing frozen or stiff, and the sax still has the original pearl rollers in place as well. The sax is ugly to look at, but honestly a little silver polish and good old fashioned elbow grease will make it shine up like new.


This horn has been sitting unplayed for decades, and is well past time for a repad. It needs all new pads and material, with a proper regulation. Whether you have a repair bench at home, have a preferred tech you'd like to take it to, or just have always wanted to take a stab at learning sax repair, this a bargain priced instrument that would sell for $1500+ once cleaned up and repadded. Ships in its original hard case.