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Selmer Series 9 Bass Clarinet SN S3619 - Low Eb with Original Case

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Product ID: S3619SelmerS9Bass


HELP, I Want One!

Vintage 1960's Series 9
This is a Selmer Paris low Eb Series 9 bass clarinet from the early 1960's, serial number S3619.  The Selmer Series 9 is a favorite choice among doubling wood wind players and players looking for a instrument for straight ahead jazz. In comparison to the modern bass the Series 9 is extremely free blowing and responsive. The low end on these clarinets is especially open and rich in resonance. 
This particular clarinet is in excellent physical condition for its vintage. It came into the shop playing up a storm on a set of older pads. Both of the body joints are in very good condition and all of the original nickel key work is intact. All of the tone holes are also in good shape and have no history of crack repairs. Unfortunately there is a couple of small hair line crack at the top of the lower joint near the receiver band. There is no other history of crack repairs on this instrument.
Ultimately the instrument will need to be re-padded before it is going to be ready for a lot of serious playing. In order to keep the selling price at a premium we are selling this bass clarinet in as is condition. Please stay tuned for more information.