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Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII Gold Lacquer Low A Baritone Saxophone, Serial #431305

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Selmer SII - Premium Pro, High F# and Low A
This is a Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII baritone saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 431305. The Selmer SII is a top choice professional saxophone for many of the best modern professionals. This one in particular has seen an active history of past play time but is in solid condition from top to bottom. This baritone is ideal for the professional player looking for a pro level horn at a better price point. 
The Series II takes the air in easy with a consistent response across its entire range. It showcases a medium warm core with precise focus and exceptional control. These models are much more consistent and balanced compared to the earlier Mark VI models. The core sound is also less dark and not as compact as the modern Selmer SIII. The SII is a highly versatile pro player and is perfect for the professional in need of a horn they can take to any gig. 
Physically the sax is in nice shape showing great lacquer coverage across the body with typical signs of cosmetic wear from past use. Like any quality pro horn it does show the history of past play with surface scratches and smaller dings around the lower bow area. There is also one ding above the spit valve in the U tube. Its bow cap has never been seriously pushed in but does show some small amount of wear. The bow itself is in great condition and has never been seriously damaged or repaired in the past. 
This saxophone was played on very actively by the last user and it has been some time since it has seen servicing. As such it is currently in line for a professional set up and service in our shop. The work will include a complete disassemble and cleaning followed by precise regulation with replacement of necessary corks, felts and pads. While the horn is in our shop we will also address the smaller dings on the saxophone in addition to correcting the pull down on the original SII neck. This baritone also includes an additional Selmer SIII neck. Both necks have previously been repaired at their tenon. 
With the price of a brand new Selmer baritone now exceeding 12k this is an amazing opportunity to pick up a SII at a lower price point. This saxophone ships in perfect playing condition with a fresh set-up and the original Selmer hard plastic flight case.