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Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Bari Sax - Low A - Serial # 482826

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Our Price: $ 6,500.00

Product ID: 482826SelmerSIIBari

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Here's a great top-shelf Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II bari sax, serial number 482826. The “new” price on a Series II bari is approaching $12k; this is a fantastic opportunity to pick up a used model for nearly half that. This horn will get a complete fresh cleaning and adjustment from the Saxquest repair shop before shipping, and come to you in perfect playing shape.


The original lacquer on this bari shows mild wear from normal use. It shows normal wear and tear but physically, the horn is still in solid shape. There's evidence of minor past dent work in the bottom bow and bell flare, but all done well. The upper crook has never taken a hit and is perfect, and the original neck is in great shape too. There are currently some dings and dimples in the bell, but we'll remove those in the course of our adjustment, and the sax will ship dent-free. One foot of the low C keyguard has popped off and we'll resolder it; there are no other resolders on the horn anywhere.


Pads are all in solid shape with years of life left in them. While we have the horn apart, we'll carefully check all pads and replace any that are starting to age. We'll also replace all of the key adjustment corks and felts, using synthetic cork for a more positive feel. When putting the horn back together, we'll adjust spring tensions and key heights as we go, and optimize the horn for intonation and response.


This is a true bari player's horn. Keyed from low A to high F#, it takes your air well throughout that range and up into the altissimo with ease. This bari plays with a ton of warmth and color, with a strong beefiness in the bottom end that is unrivaled. These are expensive horns, but when you play one, you see that the money is well worth it. If bari is your main axe, or if you want a top end bari for those gigs that only the bari owners get, you will not be disappointed with this horn.