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Selmer Paris Series III Alto Saxophone, Serial #620784 Very Pretty Gold Lacquer

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Product ID: 620784SelmerSIIIAlto

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Top of the Line Professional Model - Selmer SIII
Here is a Selmer Series III alto saxophone with the serial number #620784. This saxophone plays very nicely on the pads and materials it arrived in, and with a pure and focused sonic timbre. The Series III is known for being one of the most consistent horns of today, and you can expect this one to play just like the rest of them, pure and focused tone, flawless intonation, homogeneous response in all registers. This model is keyed from low Bb to high F# with a front F mechanism, but also 
This sax is in great shape without any dents or dings, there aren't any resolders or extensive repair marks. There are a few spots of acid bleed across the horn, which are only topographical aesthetic blemishes and do not affect the playability of this horn. 
This sax plays wonderfully on the pads it came with. The tone is pure and focused, with extreme precision in its intonation. The series III is a go-to model for today's modern saxophonists, classical, jazz, or otherwise. This horn is great all around and plays with a beautiful sonic character to pair.