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Selmer Paris Series II Soprano Saxophone, Serial #442334 – Raw Brass Finish with Fresh Overhaul

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Product ID: 442334SelmSIISop


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Selmer Paris SII – Superb Pro Player!
This is an outstanding Selmer Paris SII soprano saxophone, serial number 442334. If you are looking for a very flexible soprano for professional use this one is going to be a hard item to pass on. It has superb response to air flow and a rich sonic character. Physically it is in excellent condition and was mechanically overhauled in the Saxquest shop in 2022. 
The body of the sax is in great shape from top to bottom. It shows no signs of major past body work and has never seen any solder repairs. All of the original key work is also intact an in great shape. The previous owner had the original gold lacquer stripped off the horn the right way (chemical strip) and the sax is now in raw brass. This seems to open up the sound of the horn allowing for a richer and more organic response. 
This saxophone received a professional overhaul in our shop last year by Josh Creekmore. All of the Valentino pads and metal resonators are still in excellent shape. The horn feels great and plays even better. We will check over the horn once more before shipping to ensure it ships out in perfect playing condition. 
The soprano includes a newer Selmer Paris zip case.