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Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone in Matter Finish, Serial #634808

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Product ID: 634808SelRef54MatTen


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Workhorse Player! Selmer Ref 54 Tenor Sax
This is a fantastic Selmer Paris Reference 54 in matte (brushed) lacquer finish, serial number 634808. The saxophone has been professionally played and maintained over the years and is an ideal option for the modern pro. The Selmer Reference 54 was designed in the spirit of the Selmer Mark VI, first released in 1954. These saxophones play with a robust free blowing response and a ultra rich sonic character. They are comparatively darker players compared to the modern in the modern SII and SIII. This one in particular is an exceptionally colorful player and is very flexible. 
The last owner of this saxophone took good care of it while putting in plenty of hours of play time. Its body tube, bow and bell are in very good condition showing off the original dark matte lacquer. The bow cap is also in perfect condition and was never pushed in. Its bell flare is in good shape but does show some cosmetic finish wear from a previous repair. There is one hard to see re-solder on the upper guard foot of the low Eb key guard, this is the only solder repair on the saxophone. This saxophone does include the original Selmer Reference neck in excellent condition. The neck has never been pulled down. 
This tenor came to us playing on its original factory set of pads and resonators. As these pads are nearing the end of their life this saxophone is currently in line in our shop to receive a full re-pad. The professional re-pad will include a complete disassemble, cleaning and a precise set-up with all new corks, felts, Valentino premium pro pads and metal domed resonators. Once this is complete the saxophone will be in perfect playing condition.  The Selmer Reference 54 is an ideal instrument if you are looking for the vibe of a 1950's Selmer in a modern application. With the current price of a new Reference 54 always rising there has never been a better time to pick one up used at a great price. 
This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with our professional overhaul and a non original case.