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Selmer Paris Reference 54 Kookaburra Alto Saxophone, Serial #692661 - Beautiful Condition!

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Product ID: 692661SelmerRef54BirdAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Reference 54 Kookaburra 2006
This is a very pretty Selmer Paris Reference 54 alto saxophone with limited edition “Kookaburra” engraving, serial number 692661. The Kookaburra was made in very limited numbers in celebration of Charlie Parker. This one was manufactured in 2006 and is in amazing condition. It shows the history of having been actively played while being nicely taken care of. Looking over the horn closely it has a few scratches here and there but has never seen serious repair in the past. There has never been any dent work done to this horn and it has received absolutely no re-solders. The body tube, bow, bow cap, bell and neck are all in exceptional original condition. 
The Reference 54 are very responsive instruments. They are darker and more free blowing in comparison to the SII and SIII models. This one in particular is a very sweet player. It is currently is in line in our shop awaiting a professional service and set-up. The work will include a complete dissemble and cleaning followed by a set up with precise regulation of all the key work. While the sax is apart we will also replace all of the felt and cork work on the horn as well as some of the pads in the upper stack that are past their prime. 
This alto ships out in perfect playing condition with the original Selmer Reference contoured case.