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Selmer Paris Model 30 Low Eb Bass Clarinet #V7954 - Includes Fresh Re-Pad

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Product ID: v7954SelmerBassClar


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1960's Selmer Paris Bass Clarinet
Here is Selmer Paris Model 30 bass clarinet with the serial number #V7954. This horn was made in 1969 during the "v" series of serial numbers, it's made of beautiful grenadilla wood and plays with deep mature tone across the whole horn with key work down to Low Eb. This bass clarinet comes in 4 pieces with 2 levers to cross over from the lower to the upper joints, one of these levers alternate the neck or the body octave pips' levers.
Physically this clarinet is in very good condition regarding the body joints and the nickel key work. Some of the finish is off of the key work around major touch points. The original stamping can still be seen on the lower joint's Selmer logo. 
These Model 30 bass clarinets were made during the "Golden Era" of bass clarinets for Selmer Paris, these stick out in history as having lovely melodic registers and a strong core to the sound. This one is in our shop awaiting a professional re-pad. The service work will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by key regulation and replacement of all pads, corks and felts. This bass clarinet ships out in perfect playing condition with wood case.