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Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Serial #73311 with Saxquest Custom Silver Restoration!!!

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Product ID: 73311MKVItenorSilver


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Goldwash Bell - Fresh Overhaul
This is a sweet horn we are happy to offer up courtesy of Saxquest repair tech Chris Funck.  When this tenor arrived to us it was looking worn down; nothing major, but years of wear and playtime had it looking rugged.  Because of this we opted to send it off and add a layer of metal back to the instrument with our Saxquest premium Silver Restoration.  The photos tell the story, but we think it was the right call. We also had the horn re-engraved, and the results are stunning. Chris then overhauled this horn with all brand new blue needle springs, premium Pisoni firm leather pads setup with the original Selmer screw-back resos, synthetic tech cork, and all synthetic compressed grey felt.  As it sits right now this horn is in perfect playing condition and will be for many years to come! 
Physically, this horn is in excellent condition and looks stunning on its brand new silver plating.  The original neck is with this instrument and has never been pulled down, and does have the matching serial number. The bell flare and bottom bow are both in excellent shape and have no signs of previous trauma to them. 
Sonically, this tenor has that gigantic 5 digit sound that is both spread but maintains the Selmer core to the sound.  The overall presence of this horn across all registers is simply a blast to play. This is the type of instrument that never feels like you could push it too hard or that you are working to hard to get a big sound out of.  Similarly, the silver plate adds another bit of depth to the overall character and really darkens the sound up without deadening it. We are very excited to offer this premium custom overhaul, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call our shop.