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Selmer Brilhart Level Air Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece .075

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Product ID: BrilLvlAirTenSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

Runyon's Mod on a Classic

Made of chrome-plated brass, this Brilhart Level Air tenor mouthpiece was marketed by Selmer USA and manufactured by Runyon Products. This mouthpiece is in overall good condition. It doesn't have a tip opening stamped on it, but it measures .075"/1.91mm which is close to a Runyon 4. The outside of the piece has a few spots of noticeable scuffing. There is one minor ding rather far back on the table as well as a tiny ding in the left corner of the tip. Neither of these seem to affect the playability at all. 

Don't let the comparatively small tip opening fool you. Internally, this piece features a slight rollover baffle onto a medium step baffle which leads to a semi-circle drop into a medium chamber. Couple this with a medium-firm reed for a mouthpiece that plays very easily across the entire dynamic spectrum and range of the horn. The timbre is mostly full with slightly scooped out midrange harmonics. It projects exceptionally easily and can cut right through a mix if you need it to.

No mouthpiece cap, ligature, or plastic removable baffle are included.