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Selmer Brilhart Level Air 6 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece .070

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Product ID: BrilLvlAir6AltoAug2021


HELP, I Want One!

Optimus Prime, the mouthpiece.
Made of chrome-plated brass, this Brilhart Level Air alto mouthpiece was marketed by Selmer USA and manufactured by Runyon Products. This mouthpiece is in overall good condition. It is stamped as a 6 tip opening and it measures  .070"/1.78mm which is close to a Runyon 5. The outside of the piece has a few spots of noticeable scuffing. The table, tip, and rails are in near pristine condition excepting a spot of plating wear on the right rail.
Internally, this piece features a slight rollover baffle onto a medium step baffle which leads to a semi-circle drop into a medium chamber. This mouthpiece plays very easily across the entire dynamic spectrum and range of the horn. The timbre is fairly dark for a metal mouthpiece, but it has a bit of sizzle. The removable baffle is included. Slide the wedge baffle in and this mouthpiece transforms from a laid-back ballade piece into a rock n' roll powerhouse with amazing projection, and a full sound with a slight buzz. It projects exceptionally easily and can cut right through a mix if you need it to.
No mouthpiece cap or ligature are included.