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Saxquest 'The Hoss' Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

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The Hoss for Soprano
Saxquest is very excited to release our new line of professional soprano mouthpieces. The “Hoss” is a super easy responding mouthpiece and is perfect for anyone wanting a more free blowing mouthpiece. 
We wanted to specifically make something directly in the vein of a highly exceptional slant signature hard rubber Berg Larsen we have kept around the shop as a stash piece. Through another collaboration with Eric Falcon we are very proud to now present the Hoss for soprano. One of the most free blowing and easy responding soprano pieces ever! 
The construction of the Hoss showcases a straight and wide open medium/large inner throat. Leading away from the inner throat there is a classic “Bullet Chamber” configuration which shapes its way into the steady angle of the mouthpiece’s floor and baffle area. The combination of the chamber and floor shape allows air to move through the piece with a lot of speed and efficiency.  Projection and ease of play are absolutely fantastic. In regards to color the Hoss does have a nice brilliant clarity to the way it plays but still maintains a warm center of sound. In other words it is a warm piece which can easily achieve a large amount of punch and power with out becoming overly bright or piercing. In direct comparison to the Saxquest Voice the Hoss is just a little bit warmer in color.
Like our other mouthpieces the Hoss was  manufactured in collaboration with mouthpiece maker Eric Falcon. It is made from ultra-premium solid German bar stock hard rubber. It is turned on a CNC controlled high precision lathe and then milled on an absolute state of the art 5-axis vertical mill. Shaping of the throat, baffle & tip rail; profiling of the chamber; under-cutting of the side walls, and cutting of the window is all accomplished using three strokes per pass. This results in fabulously tight tolerances which leads to incredible consistency from piece to piece. All mouthpieces are then hand finished by Eric Falcon.
If you have any questions about the pieces or trail terms please feel free to give us a call or send messages directly to the product testing department. zac@saxquest.com