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Saxquest Restored Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Sax - Serial # 29126

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Product ID: 29126BATenor


HELP, I Want One!

Fully Restored to Perfect Playing Shape

This is a good old Selmer Paris Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number 29126. This tenor has been painstakingly restored in the Saxquest repair shop by veteran tech Ben Reece. He has it back in perfect playing shape, ready for its new lease on life.


This tenor was a project, but we took our time and restored it right. There was some dent work in the bottom bow and bell, and a fair number of resolders. The pictures tell the tale, but rest assured, we didn't cut any corners and the end result is well worth the time put in. Ben went key by key, post by post, and it feels like a new horn again. The action is crisp and defined under your fingers, and it plays just as you would hope from a quality Selmer BA. It was padded using film leather pads and a set of TM Custom oversized flat metal (screwback) resonators. The finest synthetic material for all of the adjustment corks and felts.


This tenor was relacquered long ago, as most Selmers of this vintage were, but not overly buffed. The original engraved shows some fainter spots here and there, but overall is still defined, even in the lake scene engraved center on the bell. Ben's hard work has paid off, and the sax currently has no dents or dings, and his solder work is clean. The sax no longer has its original neck, but does have a quality later vintage Selmer Mark VI neck which has been precisely fitted to the horn.


If you like the Selmer core sound, but want something less focused than what you find on the modern horns, this Balanced Action is worthy of a hard look. It plays with a free, open response and effortlessly takes all of the air you can push through it. Stay tuned for a video of Austin showing it off.