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Santy Runyon 11 Alto Mouthpiece - (0.085)

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Product ID: santyrunyon11alto086

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Powerful Piece In Great Condition!

Here is a Santy Runyon 11 metal mouthpiece for Eb Alto Saxophone with a tip opening of 0.085 inches (2.16mm). This mouthpiece projects well in low register, powerful in the upper register. The tone of this Santy Runyon is dark with an edgy bite from the rolled tip baffle, as well as the extra-large tip opening. This piece features a small chamber with a deep baffle at the throat, forming a slight "U" shape. All the interior is enameled as well. The table has two indentations from ligature markings on the bottom, but the side rails and tip rails are in great shape. The piece's playability isn't affected by the table indentations. Physically this piece is looking great, the smooth nickel finish has no more than a few light scrapes along the sides and top from ligature markings. All the engravings are still visible, and there are no teeth indentations on the beak.