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Sakshama Gold Plated Bronze 'Fat Boy' Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone .095”

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Sakshama – Long Rolled Baffle
This is a very clean Saksahma gold bronze 'Fat Boy' for tenor saxophone. The tip opening on the piece measures in the 6* range at .095”. If you have wanted the feel sound and vibe of a Guardala but are not into the big tip openings this one can be had at a great price. 
The outer body, beak and facing profile of this piece are all very clean looking. Overall the piece has a pretty look to it and does not look like it has seen too much past use. That being said, there is a couple notable spots of wear along the outer side of the table ( see picture 9) as well as some wear spots along the back of the shank (picture 8). 
This piece plays with a quick response and is nice and balanced from top to bottom. It is by no means ultra bright like a King model Guardala but the overall color on this piece is rather brilliant.