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Runyon The Spoiler X.L. 7 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece WITH REMOVABLE SPOILER!! .085

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Product ID: RunyonSpoilerXL7Sep2021

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Laser Laser Laser Beam!
The Runyon Spoiler X.L. mouthpiece is made of chrome-plated brass. It is stamped as a 7 and measures .085"/2.16mm which is closer to a Runyon 6. The removable spoiler is included. It features a slight rollover baffle onto a medium step baffle which terminates with a semi-circle shelf into a medium-large round wall chamber. The beak is thin. This mouthpiece is in mostly good condition.  The table, tip, and rails are unblemished with clear factory milling marks. The body shows a slight slight scratching from use, but notably almost all of the plating is gone from the beak.
Pair this .085" tip opening with a medium to firm reed and the mouthpiece explodes. It responds quickly throughout all registers with a full, bright, spread, but not shrill timbre. It is easy enough to reign in the dynamic level but it will blow a wall down if you try. Slide the removable spoiler into the chamber and the sound becomes laser focused with tons of high frequency harmonics and an altissimo that just pops!
No ligature or mouthpiece cap are included. Removable spoiler included.