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Runyon The Spoiler 9 for Tenor Saxophone WITH REMOVABLE SPOILER!

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Product ID: RunyonSpoilerTen9Aug2021


HELP, I Want One!

Bright but not thin!
This is a nice vintage “The Spoiler” in a 9 opening by Runyon. These pieces are nice if you are looking for a punchy bright sound. They feature a higher floor with a bullet chamber drop off and a long baffle roll. The removable Spoiler is included! This one is in nice condition around the body and shank with a few minor scuffs and dings. There a couple of minor nicks on the table and extreme outside edges of the side rails, but with no noticeable affect on playability. The original bite plate and facing profile are also in great shape. 
Using a medium-firm reed with the optional Spoiler removed, this mouthpiece responds easily in all registers with effortless projection up to a high dynamic ceiling. Its timbre is bright and cutting but with substantial enough mid-range harmonics that it doesn't become thin or buzzy. Slide the Spoiler in to add an extra wedge baffle and sympathetically-vibrating metal reed in the chamber and this mouthpiece absolutely explodes with altissimo that just POPS!
The Tip opening on this piece measures .104”/2.64mm. No ligature or mouthpiece cap included.