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Runyon SR 7 Alto Sax Mouthpiece .078"/2.21mm

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Product ID: RunyonSR7AltoSep2021


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This Runyon SR mouthpiece for alto sax is made of black plastic, features a white bite plate, a detent for the ligature screw, and is marked as a 7 with a .087"/2.21mm which is closer to a Runyon 8.
The body has some light scuffing all over, but the table, tip, and rails are in great shape. The tip rail is thin, but the side rails are quite wide. There is almost no baffle and the low floor leads into a medium square chamber. All of this makes for a mouthpiece that has a strong, sweet, dark sound mostly comprised of the fundamental and low overtones. It has a the kind of healthy blowing resistance that encourages strong breath support, but is still easy to play at low dynamics and it is capable of surprisingly loud dynamics without breaking out into harsh or bright overtones.
The orignal Runyon single-screw Ring Ligature and matching mouthpiece cap are included.