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Runyon Smooth Bore Metal 6 Soprano Sax Mouthpiece .069

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Product ID: RunyonSmoothBore8SopSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

Thin and Zippy
This Runyon Smooth Bore soprano mouthpiece is made of chrome-plated brass and is stamped as an 8. Its tip measures .069"/1.75mm. The body is in good condition with minor markings from use and an odd residue ring from a mouthpiece patch. The table, tip, and rails are pristine. This soprano piece is quite slim on the outside.
Internally, the mouthpiece features a rollover baffle onto a medium wedge baffle leading to a semi-circle shelf into the chamber. Sonically, it tends somewhat bright with crisp articulation and a bit of sizzle. 
No mouthpiece cap or ligature are included. Being extra slim, this will likely need Rovner's smallest ligature.