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Runyon Quantum Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece .076

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Product ID: RunyonQuantumAltoSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

Big sound from a thin beak.
The Runyon Quantum Metal mouthpiece is made of chrome-plated brass. It features a slight rollover baffle onto a medium step baffle which terminates with a semi-circle shelf into a medium-large round wall chamber. The beak is thin. This mouthpiece is in good condition.  The table, tip, and rails are unblemished with clear factory milling marks. The body shows a couple of spots of plating wear and what appears to be moderate ligature wear.
There is no stamped tip number, but it measures .076"/1.93mm which is about a Runyon 6. It responds quickly throughout all registers with a full, bright, but not shrill timbre. It is easy enough to reign in the dynamic level but it will blow a wall down if you try. 
No ligature or mouthpiece cap are included.