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Runyon Custom Soprano Sax Mouthpiece with Factory Original 12 Opening!

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Product ID: RunyonCustomBlue12SopSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

A Soprano Sax Cannon
This Runyon Custom soprano mouthpiece is made of translucent blue plastic and is stamped as a 12. Its tip measures .080"/2.03mm which is about a 10 in Otto Link terms, so this is an unusually open soprano piece. The body is in good condition with minor markings from a ligature. The table, tip, and rails are pristine. This soprano piece is quite slim on the outside.
This mouthpiece isn't at all hard to play, despite the large tip. It is capable of amazing projection, but its timbre is quite full and warm across the dynamic spectrum with clean articulation. 
No mouthpiece cap or ligature are included. Being extra slim, this will likely need Rovner's smallest ligature.