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Runyon Custom Metal Soprano Sax Mouthpiece .070"/1.78mm

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Product ID: RunyonCustomMetalSopSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

The Shredder's Mouthpiece!
This Runyon Custom soprano mouthpiece is made of chrome-plated brass and has no measurement stamp. Its tip measures .070"/1.78mm which is about a Runyon 8. The body is in good condition with minor markings from use and a coupletooth marks on the bite plate. The table, tip, and rails are undamaged, but the table is starting to lose plating. This soprano piece is quite slim on the outside.
Internally, the mouthpiece features a small rollover baffle leading to a long, low floor that flows into the medium chamber. Sonically, it is very bright with loads of projection and a shredding, but not obnoxious edge.
No mouthpiece cap is included, but it comes with its original Runyon Ring Ligature for which there is a screw recess machined in the top of the mouthpiece.