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Runyon Black Plastic 4 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece .063"/1.60mm

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Product ID: RunyonBlackJazz4AltoSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

Huge sound for little effort.
The Runyon Jazz alto mouthpiece is made of black plastic. It is marked as a 4 and measures .063"/1.60mm. It features a slight rollover baffle onto a slightly curved floor. The slightly convex side walls lead into a square chamber. This mouthpiece is in good condition with a few gentle scuffs on the beak. The table, rails, and tip are flawless.
Though this mouthpiece is only a 4 opening, it is nearly effortles to achieve a high dynamic ceiling, even with a medium-soft reed. The timbre is quite bright with a bit of buzz. It's not hard to play quietly, but it really ramps up for a blistering solo from a big band section.
It includes a Runyon three-hole ligature but no cap.