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Repair Tech Special C.G. Conn 6M 'Naked Lady' Alto Sax #307106

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Product ID: 307106Conn6Alto


HELP, I Want One!

No Dents, Great Condition
Here we have a 1943 C.G. Conn 6M 'Naked Lady' alto saxophone with the serial number #307106. This saxophone is in fantastic physical condition with no dents to speak of. The signature “Naked Lady” engraving is also in great shape. The 6M does feature rolled tone holes, trill G#, front F mechanism, and the original micro tuner neck. This particular sax also features all of the original pearl rollers and key touches in great condition.
The body of this alto is in great shape showing no dings or past dent repair, only signs of rouge through the lacquer towards the top of the body and on the Eb and C key touches. The body tube, bell and bowcap are still rounded quite nicely. The neck hasn't been pulled down, the micro tuner is fully functional, and the underslung octave key moves smoothly with no binds.
This saxophone plays down to Bb but the pads and materials are well past their prime and need to be replaced, as well as some key fit adjustments to restore the ease of play in it. This alto has all the typical characteristics of a Conn's tone, massive sound especially in the lower register. This saxophone will ship in "as-is" condition with its original case.