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Repair Special! Buescher True Tone Silver Matte, Serial Number 112876

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Product ID: 112876BueschAltSilver


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VIntage Buescher True Tone Alto
This is a Buescher True Tone alto sax from 1922 with silver matte finish and gold lacquered keys, serial number 112876. An old horn like this is really ideal for someone trying to get into repair on Bueschers or someone who is into collecting True Tones. The story tell the story of this sax the best. It has been quite some time since it received any service work. The sax shows some smaller dings at this time but does not seem to have any history of major past body work. 
This saxophone is on an older set of pads and is not currently playing. If you wanted to put any real amount of play time on the alto it would need to be fully overhauled first. As it currently sits all of the key work is present as well as the key guards. Most but not all of the springs are intact. This sax is still with the original trill G# key and the original 1 stamp neck. 
This sax ships in as is condition with the neck, does not include a case.