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Reiffel & Husted 'Royal Slide Sax' in Silver Plate, Serial #1105

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HELP, I Want One!

Royal Slide Saxophone in Silver Plate

The Royal Slide Saxophone! Ultra Rare Slide Saxophone made by Reiffel & Husted, Serial #1105


It is an absolute treat to have one of these in our shop. While we have seen a few in passing over the years this is the first time we have been able to offer one for sale. The “Royal Slide Saxophone” by Reiffel & Husted in silver plate, serial number 1105. 
Mechanically the instrument is rather straight forward. It generates the pitch starting from the reed and mouthpiece and makes use of two register keys. Instead of pad and key work system the slide sax has a 2 part moving slide system. This particular instrument is in fabulous physical condition. You can see signs it has been played in the past but it does not show any history of major past repair. The last owner of the instrument did have some fresh register pads and corks installed. As it sits the instrument is fully functional and extremely fun to play. It comes with an older vintage hard rubber mouthpiece but will also take a standard size soprano mouthpiece. 
Some Google searching and a deep dive on  YouTube is only going to bring up a small number of sources regarding the Reiffel & Husted's slide sax. At this time you can find a scan of an article by vintage sax expert Paul Cohen from 1994. We highly recommend this read as it is both informative of the Royal Slide sax and extremely entertaining.  
Certainly one of the rarest items we have ever had in our store. We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer this unique collectors piece for sale. This item does ship with a modified soprano sax hard case.