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Red Runyon Bionix 11 Alto Sax Mouthpiece .099

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Product ID: RunyonBioRed11AltoSep2021

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Laser Laser Laser Beams!
What a BLASTER! This translucent red Runyon Bionix for alto sax is stamped as an 11 and measures .099"/2.51mm! Made of plastic with wide-ish side rails, a long roll baffle and a small square chamber, this mouthpiece is focused like a laser beam with a timbre that is warm and BRIGHT, but never thin or shrill. It can cut through on a amplified stage with ease.
There are minor scuffs on the body with one large scuff area near the tip on one side, but it never even touches the reed surface. The table, tip, and rails are all great.
No ligature or cap are included.