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Re-Silver Plated Conn Chu Berry Portrait Model Tenor Sax - Serial # 192045

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Product ID: 192045ConnTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Freshly Repadded w/ Black Roo Pads & Metal Resonators

This is a beautiful 1926 vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder “Chu Berry” vintage tenor sax, serial number 192045. This tenor was originally gold plated and has the portrait style engraving, this one of a detailed windmill, but it was later re-plated in silver. The work was done well, and this is a gorgeous sax to see.


Physically the horn is in superb shape. It shows no dents or dings, and I see no major past repairs. The silver plating shows only light finish wear in a few spots, and overall has little wear. The replating was done professionally, and all of the fine detail in the original engraving remains crisp. There are no signs of buffing anywhere, including on the original rolled tone holes, which are all in great shape. The original neck too has never been damaged or pulled down. This the complete package!


This tenor was recently completely overhauled, using black roo pads and seamless, metal domed resonators. It has been set up as a Conn of this vintage should be, with a lighter touch and fairly open key heights. The keywork is smooth and effortless under your fingers.


I found this to be an especially free and open player. It takes your air very efficiently and responds quickly to subtle changes in air or embouchure. Projection is outstanding from low Bb up into the altissimo. A truly dynamic player for lovers of these classic American vintage tenors. Ships in a good hard case.